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Discover tick-borne illness work and our researchers in the news.
Ticks may hold the key to treating tick-borne disease

December 21, 2018: Dr. Utpal Pal of University of Maryland, College Park, discusses the Tick Immunity Project and the importance of tick-borne illness research with DVM360.

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Lyme disease research in Howard County seeks best ways to reduce tick populations

October 3, 2018: Dr. Jennifer Murrow of University of Maryland, College Park, is featured in the Baltimore Sun for her working tracking tick populations in Howard County, Maryland.

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Tickborne diseases are likely to increase, say NIH officials

July 25, 2018: NIH News covers data in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that tickborne diseases will only grow as a public health concern.

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Lyme, the tick-borne disease that’s spreading fast, explained

June 15, 2018: Vox News discusses how to stay safe and everything you need to know about ticks this summer.

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Tickborne Diseases Are On the Rise. Is Climate Change to Blame?

May 1, 2018: Live Science looks at tickborne disease from the angle of climate change, and how changing conditions are impacting incidence.

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Prevention is key in fight against tickborne disease

April 12, 2018: CDC Newsroom covers key prevention strategies for Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

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How a protein helps bacteria outsmart the human immune system

April 2, 2018: Science Daily covers a new study from Dr. Utpal Pal, PI for Tick Immunity and Professor at University of Maryland, College Park, who discovered a never-before-seen phenomena with implications for Lyme disease treatment.

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