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The activities of the Tick Immunity team promote the training of emerging scientists in the field of infectious diseases. Through the team’s communication and efforts to accelerate synergy among the investigators, trainees working under this grant receive many opportunities for their professional development, undoubtedly strengthening their future careers in infectious diseases, vector biology, and related fields. As graduate students working towards doctoral degrees, they are encouraged to attend seminars within their universities and at other institutions across the United States. In addition to current students, each lab is supported by a number of postdoctoral fellows who contribute greatly to the Tick Immunity team research. They are mentored by the investigators and receive vital resources to further their careers, giving presentations at high-profile conferences, publishing papers, and securing additional grant funding. Emerging scientists are also trained by the investigators, making important contributions to the Tick Immunity project and moving on to promising careers. 

Ongoing Opportunties

Trainees attend events related to infectious diseases, such as the American Society for Microbiology’s annual Microbe conference, and the Vector Encounter hosted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. These learning opportunities provide trainees with the chance to network with peers and prominent scientists in the field. Furthermore, trainees regularly attend Journal Clubs, give presentations at their universities, and participate in the preparation of manuscripts. New students are frequently welcomed into the investigators' labs to be trained under the Tick Immunity program. To learn more about opportunities to study with a Tick Immunity investigator, email

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