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Tick Immunity is not only dedicated to innovative research in tick immunobiology, but is also committed to educating the next generation of researchers and leaders in this important but neglected field of study. Outreach efforts generated by sharing research data, reagents, and resources to the scientific community will foster new research to curb current and future emerging tick-borne infections. The Administrative Core will not only alleviate the administrative burden on the project and core leaders and enable them to be fully focused on their scientific goals, but it will also be responsible for this major outreach endeavor, including an annual Symposium to discuss findings and gather researchers and prospective students interested in the field. Major duties of the Administrative Core will include day-to-day support to the scientific leadership, facilitating communication between projects, scheduling meetings and coordinating the Scientific Advisory Board, and managing program outreach. The Core Director and Lead Tick Immunity PI is Dr. Utpal Pal of the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Specific Aims

Scientific Leadership and Overall Vision: The PI advised by his Executive Committee and SAB will provide scientific leadership to the Program Project.

Fiscal and Other Resources Management: The PI will facilitate the functions of the P01 through managing administrative and fiscal tasks.

Communication and Dissemination: The core will streamline the sharing of data, frequent communication, will communicate with the Program Officer and Grants Management Office in NIH, facilitate exchange of ideas, and dissemination of results to others via dedicated website, annual Symposium-Workshop.

Evaluation and Annual Progress Report: Establish and assist in summarizing scientific and financial data as required for annual progress reports to NIH.

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